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Understanding Unlawful Termination

The only way to truly know the strength of your case is to consult with an attorney. At Saad Dixon Law Offices PLLC, we are "good people that fight for the little guy," as one client said. We offer free initial consultation on employment law cases and promise to give you an honest, accurate view of your legal options and the strength of your case.

Helping You Understand What Constitutes Unlawful Termination

Workplace discrimination is one of the most common reasons we hear from individuals after their company fires them from their position or gives a layoff notice.

Under federal law, you cannot be fired or lose your job based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, pregnancy and age.

West Virginia and Kentucky have state laws and procedures employees must follow to file a complaint of wrongful termination. Deadlines vary, but our attorneys can help you the most if you contact us as soon as possible.

Sexual Harassment Is Never OK In The Workplace

If a manager or supervisor has treated you unfairly at your current job for not returning sexual advances, contact us to learn about your rights and the steps you can take.

Find Out Whether You Are Owed Damages

Remember, your initial consultation comes at no charge to you. Call Saad Dixon Law Offices PLLC in Huntington and schedule a time to speak with one of our highly skilled and successful lawyers. Reach us at 304-521-4666 or contact us via email and learn more about our representation in your rights as an employee, including age discrimination and disability discrimination.

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